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December 2000 - Frank Villavicencio Back to Asterix!

Why Frank Won the Award

Frank has initiated and led several significant efforts that have advanced the company’s interests. First, he has excelled at understanding the capabilities and limitations of the Oblix product by conducting testing and piloting on his own time. He has setup 3.6 and NetPoint in test environments and worked to understand how PS can best implement and configure the product. Second, Frank has established a consistent feedback loop between PS and both Product Marketing and Engineering. Also, he established significantly improved communication with Customer Care and PS staff. He has constructed websites for his projects that provide detailed information on the work done and issues encountered, which are accessible to everyone at Oblix. Also, Frank has shown unquestioned excellence in delivery and client relationship management at MSDW, Medtronic, AMEX. At Telefonica in Spain, Frank's native knowledge of Spanish was invaluable.

Frank’s work has impacted Oblix in many ways. His work on the first lab server became the groundwork for the 3-server proof of concept lab now in place. The lab is used to pre-integrate with portals, etc., conduct training, and develop tailored solutions. His MSDW website serves as the prototype for knowledge management initiatives and has provided valuable information to product, engineering, and customer care staff. Frank’s expertise as a former MSDW project manager enabled PS to successfully complete over $300K of work and helped Oblix gain a major reference client.


Hey Frank, tell us about yourself ....

  • When did you join Oblix?

I effectively started working for Oblix on May 22, 2000. But due to some "peculiar" immigration procedures, I could only become a "real" employee on Oct. 23, 2000.

  • What other companies have you worked at?

In Venezuela
PEQUIVEN (Petrochemical of Venezuela), Industrial Automation Engineer from 94 to 96

Sun Microsystems as an SE for SunSoft from 97 to 98
Cubic Consulting from 98 to 00, here I was one of the founders of our little consulting practice. Clients included:

  • Disney
  • Goldman Sacks
  • Citibank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Deutsche Bank
  • ING

  • What was your first job?

Back in Venezuela, when I was about 13 I charged friends for typing their school homework/papers in my super powerful Epson Abacus, the rate was about 25 cents/page

  • What do you like to do in your free time?

Partying... I love night life, good food, good conversation, music and dance.

  • Do you have pets/kids? What are their names & ages?

None, not ready for that kind of responsibility yet. I had an aloe plant once, but it dried out after 6 months.

  • What's your favorite vacation spot?

Though one... Morrocoy, Venezuela.

  • What's your proudest moment?

Proposing to Naomi

  • What would Oblix employees be surprised to know about you?

I used to practice oil painting, my favorite source of inspiration were landscapes

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